“The Butterfly”
Acrylic paint, ink, and synthetic butterflies on canvas
Size: 36” x 48”

Although I didn’t begin this piece for years after the fact, this image was inspired by a dream I’d had, where a huge raindrop hit a butterfly, separating its wings from its body, with each then shattering into a thousand smaller butterflies. Portraying the dream’s theme of “recycled existence”—life into dust, dust into life—the image slowly evolved into an interesting representation of metamorphosis: 
The Butterfly represents the division of a single existence into two distinct forms—the left half mirroring the texture and form of the butterfly, and the right, the likeness of the caterpillar that preceded it. In contrast to the symmetrical structure of an actual butterfly, not a single part of the image is the same as another. However, each of the opposing sides contains a few details meant to meld with the concept of its opposite, signifying their coexistence—the butterfly is the caterpillar, and the caterpillar is the butterfly.

My latest!

Jellyfish Apocalypse 
watercolor+acrylic on canvas

I hope that this is what the clouds look like Friday. xx

My awesome aunt sent my Detroit Hears In Color piece from Art Prize 2010 to The Detroit Free Press and now it’s up on their Detroit Self Portrait competition… Check it out and and even VOTE by clicking the link below the site’s image ^.^

Thanks guys!


Bubblegum Birds (A Sticky Situation)—-By Julie Washabaugh
Acrylic and ink on canvas

Einstein—-By Julie Washabaugh
Acrylic and ink on canvas

This is a requested remake of a NYC piece (based off of a dream) that I did for a three hour art-clash in early 2009.

Acrylic on Canvas

The North Coast (Chicago)
Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic and collaged maps on canvas